Common Mistakes People Make While Designing The Interiors Of Their Home

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Interior designing might seem simple, but there’s much more to it than furniture and accessory arrangements. An interior designer not only has an eye for detail, but has the training, experience, and expertise to transform your home into a work of art that reflects who you are.

While you can successfully redecorate your home, the smallest error can have a surprising effect on the surroundings. A simple faux pas like hanging a picture on a wall too high, or having furniture that is too matchy-matchy, can make your room look less pleasing. Placing a small vase on a large dresser when it would look better on the coffee table in a vignette, could affect the aesthetic appeal of your home.

If you're in the process of planning the interiors of your home and are looking to avoid committing some costly errors, here’s a list of the most common mistakes people make while designing the interiors of their home.

1. No contrast in colors. If all the colors in a room are the same, the area will be dull, lifeless and flat. The color of a pillow cushion does not have to match the color of the wall. Look to nature. Not every leaf on a tree is the same green. The color of the ocean changes with the water depth. Let your room live! A dual-colored room or tricolored room will break the monotony.

2. Not going with the flow. “Design flow” in simple terms is creating a visual link within your home either with the use of colors or decor. It’s pleasing to the eye when one color leads to the next. When a new color has been added to a room, but there is no context for that color in the rest of the house, it breaks the flow.

For example, if you have brown leather furniture, some blue and grey accessories, and grey-blue paint in your living room, but have pink and orange in the bedroom, it is going to hit you each time you open the door to the bedroom, as there’s no flow of colors.

To achieve flow, try to bring your colors through the house even if it’s only with accessories. Continue the grey-blue paint in the bedroom, but add more blue and less grey in the accessories, add a touch of coral in the accessories too, which may satisfy your penchant for the orange/pink. Then you can go shopping because now you might want to add a spot of coral to your living room too!

3. Buying based on the latest flooring trends. While keeping up with current trends is excellent, it’s also one of the most expensive mistakes to fix especially when it comes to flooring. Take the avocado green carpet in the 70s for example. Some flooring choices will become outdated, and it’s costly to change.

When something catches your eye, the first thing to do is decide if you should use it in your home and then whether you will still like it in five or ten years.

Where will you place it? Will it blend in with everything you have in that room or will it stick out like a sore thumb?

For example, if you don’t live by the beach, then a beach themed flooring might be something you’ll want to change sooner or later. On the other hand, medium brown floors go with everything and will withstand the pressures of ever-changing fads.

Trends will come and go, but classic colors, styles, and patterns will last through many different redecorating projects.

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